Using Analytics to drive Real World Improvement

Kris Lengieza joins @FoundationsBP Podcast to discuss using Analytics to drive Real World

I was lucky enough to join the crew from the Foundations Podcast to have a discussion about Data Analytics.  As many of you already know this is a topic that is near and dear to my heart.  A self proclaimed nerd I cant think of a better way to make decisions than with as much data as possible.  During the podcast we discuss breaking down data silos, asking better questions from the data you already have and some ways that you can get more out of that information.

Data Analytics in the Construction Industry is a hot topic

There is a ton of information in this podcast so stay tuned to my blog as I will be posting some periodic posts to dive deeper into the topics we discussed.  I have spoken on this topic many times so please visit my presentation topics page to review some of my previous content.

You can find more about the Foundations podcast below as well as listen to previous episodes.

Thanks again to the guys @FoundationsBP for having me on, it was an honor to be the first General Contractor on the show.

Dashboards, metrics, KPIs, there’s no shortage of buzzwords that surround the idea of leveraging the power of actionable data in making better construction decisions. In this podcast, the Foundations team sits down with Kris Lengieza, Director Of Virtual Design & Construction for Stiles Construction. Relating and discussing Stiles’ efforts and initiatives with data analytics, Kris unpacks this current and timely topic while also brining a real-world, on-the ground perspective to the conversation.