What does Carl Bass stepping down as CEO mean for Autodesk customers?

Carl Bass Steps down and @ConTechTrio gets a view from the inside

I had a rare opportunity this week to guest host the @ConTechTrio Podcast, I’d like to think it was because of the success of my previous episode on leveraging project data but it was due to James Benham @JamesMBenham being with his family due to a medical emergency, our thoughts and prayers with him and his family throughout the show.  Josh Bone @bim2thebone, Rob McKinney @ConAppGuru and I were joined by this weeks guest Sarah Hodges, Director of Construction Business Line at Autodesk.  With the recent bombshell news about Carl Bass and two additional board members being asked to step down I had to take my opportunity to ask the question everyone was wondering.

What does this mean for Autodesk, their vision and their customers?

When asked Sarah shared that she believes that Carl stepping down is definitely a loss to Autodesk.  The vision that he had put into place over the last 10 years is really coming to fruition, not only with their products but what they are doing for the community with projects like Pier 9 and Autodesk BUILD.  She went on to tell us that two of Carl’s leaders are acting as CEO and are very much in line with the vision that Carl had created.  They are committed to staying focused and executing the roadmap and plans which they have laid out for the company.

In my opinion it will definitely be interesting to see how all of this plays out.  The plans seem to be status quo for now but you have to imagine that a new CEO will be put in place and they will want to make their mark on the company.  There is no doubt that the stock has flourished over the last year and their offerings have grown as well.  They are clearly a leader in the AEC tech space and will continue to be well into the future.

To hear Sarah’s response in her own words and the rest of the interview you can listen to this weeks @ConTechTrio podcast below.

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